Accounting & Bookkeeping

We offer a fast and flexible bookkeeping service, both onsite and offsite with competitive rates to get you started.

  • Your Payroll, including Pay Slips, Leave, Superannuation
  • Software and Training – get up to speed with Xero, MYOB or the software of your choice.
  • Accounts receivable/payable, debtors
  • Fully compliant and flexible, customized to your specific needs.


  • Tax Returns

We offer you competitive tax filing pricing and fast refund turnarounds, to ensure an experience as seamless as possible. For our existing customers, Filing Tax returns is even easier, as we already have access to your Accounting records.


We ensure ATO requirements and due dates are met in a proactive manner. If date extensions are required, we manage the ATO seamlessly. Our dedicated team keeps track of ATO advisories and legislation, so we can give you a heads up. We can meet your PAYG Withholding and Income Activity Statement (IAS) requirements, including troubleshooting and filing.

  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

Offering Fringe benefits to employees are a win-win to both employees and employers, provided ATO requirements are met. There are many scenarios to be considered in the planning process.

  • We can help assess and claim FBT payable based on your specific requirements.
  • We also help in assessing income tax deductions for FBT paid out.
  • Capital Gains Tax Planning (CGT)

The sale of CG assets requires planning, so contact us in advance to discuss potential strategies to offset Capital Gains Taxes. Capital Gains Taxes can be offset by Capital Losses, and holding the asset for 12 months or longer can result in discounted tax rates.

  • Tax Planning

Tax planning is a subset of overall Financial Planning, which needs to take into account individual and business needs such as investment strategy, retirement planning, wealth building and so on. For individuals, Superannuation is a great vehicle to help Tax planning, but it has its limitations.

There are no secret techniques that enable the paying of minimal tax. At Link Accounting we can help you decide tax planning strategies such as Tax Deductions, leveraging Tax Offsets, Income smoothing, Income splitting between Entities and so on.

Self Managed Super Fund(SMSF) Accounting and Audit

Link Accountants can provide you a comprehensive tailored package for setting up and managing your SMSF.

  • We prepare your financial statements, including Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and notes.
  • Your SMSF is audited by our auditor from our professional network.
  • We prepare and lodge your SMSF annual Tax return, managing all aspects of ATO communication.
  • Prepare detailed reports, such as the
    • Market Valuation report,
    • Investment Movement report, and
    • the Member Benefits statement
  • We manage all the related paperwork for you.
  • All of the above for competitive rates.

Business Advisory

We offer a wide range of expert resources to rely upon, to help your business face extraordinary challenges. Our Business Advisory services range from Financial Operations management, Training and Software support, analytical tools and templates to help resolve your problems. By helping clients implement the right procedures and policies we ensure that issues are resolved on a permanent basis.

Financial Planning

A dedicated Financial Advisor will be able understand your unique requirements a lot easier, and ensure that you are on track to meet your goals. Markets are volatile, and optimal strategies do change accordingly. Contact us today to find out how you can stay ahead of the game. Success in planning is about knowing your options, identifying your objectives and then making the right financial choices in a timely manner. We have a great track record of successes in this area and can offer you dedicated experts.


Link Accountants provide you a convenient gateway to your specific insurance needs, be it home or business insurance, car, life or medical insurance. Taking out the right insurance will help protect your assets and minimise exposure to risk. We can help you identify the optimal policy and insurance provider.